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Oct. 15th, 2017 09:02 am
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The proper grown-up blog I share with [personal profile] yiduiqie has been linked from some amazing places in the last month, and I just want to document it for posterity and ego boosting:
  • The New Yorker linked to our 2015 post about the sinister subtext of Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, that New Yorker. Ain't no thang. *hairflip*
  • (That article was then shared at BoingBoing, where the comments were filled with nerds taking our silly post very seriously indeed.)
  • BookRiot's crime fiction podcast discussed our post on why we're not supporting the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries film Kickstarter, and our earlier post (linked in our recent one) about the racism in the books and TV series, and how it's something that non-Australians seem to overlook.
  • The podcast included a wonderful bit where the hosts were like, "Well, these Australian ladies say the books are problematic, but we wanted to make up our own mind, so we read one each." But they chose the books at random, and had the misfortune to end up with Blood and Circuses, The One With The Infamous Clown Sex. (If you watched the series -- which I really love, when it's not being incredibly racist -- you should take a moment to appreciate the lack of clown sex. Really.) Anyway, they concluded that, yes, the books are very bad in terms of exotifying and othering people of non-Anglo backgrounds, but they're also just not well-written and ... bad. Which is fair. 
  • And The Monthly, an Australian publication whose essays and articles appeal to flat white-sipping inner-city lefties (so, me), linked to our first Discovery post in an article about angry, racist nerds complaining that Trek is "suddenly" appealing to an "SJW" agenda.
  • (I am extremely proud to get the word "feelpinions" into The Monthly, BUT I also wonder if my use isn't a bit defensive, ie, no one can accuse me of being emotional, irrational or otherwise a silly lady fan if I say it first. Am I putting myself at a disadvantage by emphasising that my posts are reactions, not reviews, and that my opinions derive from my emotions? On the other hand, what is television for but to elicit an emotional reaction?)
Finally, here is this week's Discovery post, which I almost didn't share because it wasn't wholly positive and ... IDK, I guess I've become protective of this ridiculous show, and don't want to play into the narrative of it being The Worst. On the other hand, it made some Bad Choices this week, along with some better ones. (And I note that the dude reviewers who have decried it as being The Worst really liked this episode, which only reassures me that I'm on the right track.)

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Title: A Brief History of Time
Characters/Pairing(s): Bill Potts/Romana II
Rating: Adult
Word count: 3,050
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none
Beta: [personal profile] platypus
Summary: Visiting Romana at the bookshop became a habit. Or it began to look like it could take on the shape of a habit, because it was now three days in a row Bill had stopped by after work, and in the wee hours of the morning, she’d dreamt of the mossy scent of old paper, and of a twirl of blonde hair round her fingers.

Author's Notes: Because I wanted to write something nice for Bill, and there was no Bill/Romana II out there, and clearly someone had to fix that problem.

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Oct. 9th, 2017 12:58 pm
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Day 10: A song you never get tired of:

This one is really easy for me. When I start skipping tracks on my mp3 and I'm furious that it just isn't playing anything that I even like and why do I even have all this music on there and I've never liked any of it and everything itches... there are like five songs that I am actually looking for. My beautiful completely impractical but truly beautiful sony walkman mp3 player of yesteryear genuinely knew when I was fastforwarding too much and went to songs it knew I hardly ever fast forwarded, which at the time meant it usually just played me 'jump in my car' and dexy's midnight runners until I calmed down. My new mp3 is stupider than it, so what I do is I load it with six versions of the songs I really like and this way up my chances of hitting them when I need to.

Anyway, this one is the most perfect song of all of them. More perfect even than Jump In My Car by David Hasselhoff, which is saying a lot:

I really liked the first episode of new season scandal. Read more... )

I liked episode 2 of HTGAWM much more than episode 1.

I'm pretty much avoiding new things.

Oh no, I did. I watched Extinct, which people are either avoiding because it's blatantly rubbish, or just because it has Orson Scott Card's name all over it. It's awful. I watched all eight episodes of it. And then, it didn't even end, because what they've done is release eight of ten episodes, but are keeping the last two until a month's time. Because that makes sense. It's about a thing where humans went extinct (alien invasion) and then some of them have been brought back to life by aliens 400 years later, and instead of showing us them coming back and building a community and trying to exist it's set after all that happened and went wrong and now there are just three people who've been brought back yet again, and they are so badly cast if you wanted to cast people who could act, but also they're not very... it's like they're sort of CW levels of acting, but not even CW levels of pretty young people, and they purposefully put a thing in about how the aliens only resurrect humans at the PRIME of their life, so they're all like 25, which is perfect excuses for making a show all about beautiful young people. Maybe they thought they did. It's terrible anyway, but I watched the whole thing imagining how better it would have been if it was Jeremiah, Kurdy and Theo, and had enough money/imagination for like fifty extra characters. It would have been swell.

I bought some 'hair custard' from lush, I didn't actually buy it, I made them give me a little tester pot of it. My hair stinks. It's four days later and it still stinks. It's made it softer and a bit heavier and tidier, but I smell of sickly vanilla and I can't get away. If you want to be like that girl in a book that wafts past people and makes them think of sweets and pastries then buy hair custard. It's horrific, but please yourself.

Yuletide Letter

Oct. 9th, 2017 12:52 am
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi! It's been a while since I've done this. A long, long while since I've done this. I have a terrible tendency to blank on Yuletide happening until the sign-up box closes, but this time I got reminded about it the evening of! Still too late to nominate any fandoms but OH WELL. There were ones that I wanted in the already nominated anyway.

In terms of my general preferences, I am equally good with slash, het, and gen. Same thing with plotted fic and character studies. I'm also good with pretty much the entire spectrum of fanfic ratings, from E to M. As far as smut goes, I do kind of like a little plot or character study with my porn over pwp? That's pretty much my main preference as these things go. And if you want to experiment with form, I am totally up for that.

Anyway. Right. Onto the fandom specific stuff. Of course, everything I request in here is totally non-binding. You have to do absolutely none of this. But if it helps you narrow down your ideas to have things to write around, you're in the right place. There's probably going to be some spoilers but I'll try to be vague.

Fandom bits cut for length )

Like I said above, this is all spit-balling ideas in case you're stuck. You don't have to do any of this. I'm happy just to be a part of Yuletide again.

Good luck,
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Note: I may see the results of this poll and decide to go against all your wishes. Having what I don't want made clear is just as helpful as having what I do want made clear.

Poll #18911 Which plot bunny should I feed?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

Should I:

View Answers

Bring in an old bunny, and rehab it? (rewrite a story from a yesteryear)
1 (50.0%)

Focus my attention on the yet-to hatch? (a story idea I haven't thought of yet)
0 (0.0%)

Take in an old bunny and cross-breed it with one that's newly hatched?
1 (50.0%)

Cross-breed two old bunnies?
0 (0.0%)

Cross-breed two new bunnies?
0 (0.0%)

Here are old bunnies that have either rehab or cross-breeding potential (if you check more than one, I'll consider that a vote for cross-breeding):

View Answers

A non-Supernatural vampire (a mortal person who must suppliment their diet with blood), who encourages superstitious neighbors to believe they're supernatural (for safety) Far/AU future Solarpunk setting
3 (60.0%)

"Sentient Toy" story, with maybe low-stakes mystery
2 (40.0%)

A dreamworld / waking world interferance story
2 (40.0%)

A retelling of "Hans my hedgehog"
1 (20.0%)

A "Santa's Workshop" story
0 (0.0%)

Here are eggs in my bunny clutch -- not sure which will hatch (if you check more than one, I'll consider that a vote for cross-breeding):

View Answers

A wizard with a raven-house (like Baba Yaga's chicken house)
4 (100.0%)

A ghost story of some kind -- maybe "Sentient house," instead of Sentient Toy
1 (25.0%)

Something utterly silly: Dr. Seussian meets Piers Anthony
3 (75.0%)

I really am stuck -- give me an idea from outside my own brain in comments
0 (0.0%)

Please: and give me another?
0 (0.0%)

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Had a dream before I woke up this morning, and while I only remember a few dots of it, the ones I do remember are:

  • One of those safety cones cleaning staff put down on the floor, with “Hebrew” lettering (or what my subconscious identified as Hebrew), and an English translation. The translation read: “Plot Point.”
  • Frantic searching for my passport, and worrying that it had been left behind in a foreign country.
  • Piling into a car with someone else and his (?) little brother, luggage piled on top, and in every nook of free space inside, and trundling down the driveway in the predawn hours to start a (road?) trip.

My Mother and Father were both in the dream, too (Mother died 26 years ago, and Father died 11 years ago), and the driveway in question was that of my childhood home (where I have not lived in 21 years, in a place I haven’t visited in 5 years).

So the homesickness, and longing for family, that have been saturating my dreams for the past several months, was all there. But they were waving us off (I think), not coming with us. And the whole point of the dream was that this trip was very important (but I don’t remember if any of us knew what the destination was).

Sometimes, my dream mind is frustratingly opaque in its symbolism. Other times ... It's about as subtle as a flashing neon sign with arrows, a scrolling marquee, and a circus pipe organ. :-)

Still have zero glimpse of a plot idea, though.

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Oct. 5th, 2017 12:15 pm
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I'm stuck about what to read, or how to read. (I NEVER LEARNED TO READ) I don't know if I should read something I think looks brilliant, and risk not giving it any heart because it's not 16 volumes long and doesn't have all my favourite people in the world in it, or if I should read something random and nothing like a... you know sorbet? Or that thing you have between courses if you're ridiculous? I don't know any words.

If you go to [personal profile] odannygirl7's post here, there is a very beautiful gif of Cheyenne. Leaning. He has his shirt on. But still everything about him.

I am ill, with maybe a head cold? Is a head cold just a cold? I have every tiredness and ache of a cold but no snot? Is that a head cold? I have that. I keep going to work, but I am good for nothing there. I am good for nothing here. I am good for nothing anyway.

I have a sparkly silver stripe top on.

Day 9: A song that makes you sad

I remembered I was memeing. This isn't an easy easy one for me, pretty much anything makes me sad sometimes, but not very much makes me sad always. I've gone with Save the Night by Melanie, I love her more than you:

If you don't know Melanie I always wonder if any of her songs are a good introduction to Melanie, because I can see how they, and this this one especially, might just seem overly sincere and maybe her whole little girl lost thing comes over badly. But if you know and love Melanie and understand that she just sings sincere songs in her lost in the cruel world voice because she actually believes things, then it's like perfect Melanie, and maybe it's not that sad, but it's one of the saddest songs that exists.

Tumblr nearly killed the part of my brain that thought feminism had a point and might ever achieve anything. That's why I left it.

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